This weekend we attempted to better organize the storefront. We restacked the scrap wood that we're just not ready to get rid of, got rid of 2 pieces of carpet, swept up the leftover plaster from demo a year ago, and started ripping up the linoleum and plywood. It's looking like we'll need to replace about 10 of the 20' long 2"x10" floor joists and the original wood floor, which was beneath the linoleum but is totally rotten from years of water. The last picture shows Reid pulling up the original pine floor easily without tools because it's so rotten it's almost dirt. Maybe we can still salvage the floors in the front of the space...? We'll find out once we pull up the linoleum in the front.
Regardless, now the joists are exposed and can dry a bit. Maybe this will help the horrible mold problem...


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