patio doors installed

The day after Thanksgiving 2009, Reid and I went out shopping at Building Reuse in Northside. Our big Black Friday purchase ended up being two Jeld-wen patio doors. We picked them up for $50 each, but they did not come with door frame, weatherstripping or hardware. We thought we would save a lot of money by constructing the door frame ourselves and purchasing the hardware separately. Turns out, we may not have actually saved much at all since it ended up costing approx $500 total (plus a lot of time and some frustration) to install the doors to the roofdeck.
Thanks to a lot of help from my dad, we installed the doors today! Though they still require a little tweaking to make sure they open and close easily, they're in place. And they're keeping the rain out!
Miles had a great time watching us and already enjoys the roofdeck. It will be nice when the day comes that Miles can hang out in the building without coming home filthy. Until then, he loves his baths in the clawfoot tub at home on Main Street.


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