Ted Cruz IS an ESTABLISHMENT Candidate

I hate how Ted Cruz is being described as a grassroots political underdog. He did his undergrad at Princeton, his law degree at Harvard, clerked for Chief Justice Rehnquist, and received $5.5 million in political funding from that corporate lobbying group, The Club for Growth.

The basis for this narrative is the claim is that his opponent is the wealthy, White male Lt. Governor of Texas, David Dewhurst. According to the narrative, Dewhurst was not ideologically conservative enough and was denied the nomination.

This is total baloney. Dewhurst was conservative enough even for bonafide conservatives like Rick Perry. The problem was that Dewhurst did not fit into the long term plans of big finance and big corporate that have taken control of the Republican Party, using sincere libertarians and devout religious conservatives as pawns to achieve their Corporate Welfare Queen Utopia.

Big Finance/Corporate, aka "We the Corporate People of the United States of America", aka "Corporate Welfare Prom King and Queen: Goldman Sacks and Madoff Witturmony", know that if they keep putting most of their political bets behind the Republican Party, they will lose the demographic battle to win elections in the long run because they will have no support from Hispanics. They think that if there are Hispanic faces on the Republican Party, then they have a better shot of keeping the Republicans competitive in the long run. The Corporate Welfare Queens do not want an elite White in the US Senate for the next 18+ years, when they can have an elite Hispanic to be their face for the next 18+ years.


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