Bad Credit Payday Loan - Good for Consumers and the Economy

Bad Credit Payday Loan

There's no argument that a bad credit payday loan quickly puts money into the pockets of people who are in need of cash, whether for an emergency or to pay a past due bill that's about to go to a collection agency. Payday loan lenders are able to offer cash with minimal requirements, whereas a bank unsecured loan generally won't approve bad credit people because they perform a credit check, and they have a longer application form and may even require collateral; such as savings account or an auto title loan, and may even demand a cosigner.

Not only does a payday loan offer consumer cash conveniences, but it can also be beneficial to the economy. Even a small payday provider typically employees three people, rents an office in the community and becomes part of the financial infrastructure, as well as pays federal, state and local taxes. Just as with any business, they require support services which fuels jobs.

But that's only the beginning of the perceivable benefits...

Part of the equation lenders use to calculate interest rates is the percentage of risk involved. As more consumers default on credit obligations or make late payments, the likelihood of interest and fees rising increases. Instead of being delinquent on a bill payment, consumers who were rejected by their bank may obtain a payday loan and use those funds to avoid late fees, interest or other charges, and prevent a derogatory entry on their credit report.

For example: One major credit card issuer charges a $39.00 late fee for a $1,000 delinquent payment. Worse, the issuer may raise your card's interest rate, and make a bad credit report entry which can affect your interest rates with other creditors and lenders. Even a payday loan fee of $60.00 for a $1,000 cash advance can still be better than paying your card issuer a $39.00 late fee plus higher interest rates. Let's say you have a total of $8,000 in credit card charges at a rate of 20%, but your late payment causes your credit card rate to increase to 23%. If you pay $250 a month towards that $8,000 balance, the rate increase from 20% to 23% will cost you an extra $985.00 in interest. In the long term, the payday loan fee is far better than the potential ramifications of a late credit card payment.

People with bad credit are also often denied the ability to obtain public services, such as electricity and telephone, unless they pay a deposit. By getting a payday loan not only can they meet such requirements, but the cash flow also helps stimulate the economy. The service provider gains a customer and additional revenue to hire new employees and to pay more taxes.

The key for using a bad credit payday loan is to use the money to meet an immediate, valid need, and to re-pay the loan upon their next payday. Also, ask the lender if the timely repayment will be reported to a major credit bureau to help establish or rebuild credit. Even if the lender does not report it, you may still list the lender as a good credit reference on future credit applications.

Payday loans offer fast cash for bad credit people, can help consumers avoid late charges and derogatory credit report entries, may help them improve their credit score, and can benefit the economy through cash flow. As banks and other lenders attempt to acquire customers, they must compete with payday loan companies, which further stimulates a competitive economy and a more rewarding credit consumer environment.


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