Financial Advice For Those Financially Affected By Sandy

First, there are several ways to be severely affected by Sandy that are much worse than being financially affected, like losing a loved one or suffering a severe injury. We are here to help you, and there are several resources available to help out for those types of problems.

However, there are not many resources to help people who have been severely affected in financial ways. There are people who were already living paycheck to paycheck who were hit by this storm and now have lost income and jobs. There are people who have lost their homes and businesses. In addition to the human tragedies that were already created directly by the storm, these financial problems caused by the hurricane can be cause ongoing or future human tragedies.

We need to help prevent such problems. Bogleheads is a forum where people can seek and give financial advice. Much of this can help those affected financially by the storm. Just reach out and express your concerns and questions.

Currently, the Morningstar Bogleheads Forum can be used to give and get financial advice, at least until the official site, which was affected by the storm, is up and running again. Please spread this information to those who are trying to access the normal Bogleheads site.

Hopefully, this helps people avoid the financial blowback and potential human tragedies of Sandy.


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