Does anyone else realize that 1700 Vine is only 100 yards away from the coolest spot in Cincinnati?

So Reid and I are starting to feel tight in our 2-bedroom condo now that the baby is a toddler. I want nothing more than to finish the work at 1700 Vine Street, move in, and enjoy our small patch of urban greenspace! However, we cannot seem to find a bank that is willing to finance the project. So far, we've talked to and been turned down by First Financial, 5/3 (although this was a couple years ago now), US Bank, and First Safety. We're still in communication with Cheviot Building and Loan (who just did the Rhinehaus project, so we're hopeful they'll see the potential in our project too!) and Cincinnati Development Fund. If neither of these pan out, we have a contact at Huntington that we'll try. Does anyone else have any suggestions? We keep hearing that our project is unconventional (residential and commercial space in one property) but I have to imagine a bank has seen this before. After all, this building is 140 years old - how have people been finding these projects for the past 140 years?  If all conventional loan products fail us, I may have to get creative - could this be a kickstarter project?


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